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    Detachable Insulin patch pump MEDISAFE WITH

    Features of MEDISAFE WITH

    MEDISAFE WITH is an insulin patch pump (made in Japan).
    Patients can administer insulin by using remote control at hand, without attracting attention from others. Since this patch is attached to the patient’s body, patients can enjoy fashion by freely choosing clothes to wear.

    We value patients’ precious “time.”
    Just like a small partner, it always stays with patients.

    This small, lightweight tube-free model does not restrict patient’s daily activities

    Small and lightweight (34g.) Patients can select the attachment site, such as the abdomen or upper arm.
    The pump can be removed temporarily when bathing or performing strenuous exercise.

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    Easy-to-understand, GUI designed touch panel remote control

    A GUI* designed touch panel remote control displays icons that facilitate intuitive operations to control administration of insulin.
    *Graphical User Interface

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    Simple operations that are easy to remember and comprehensible

    It is simply designed so patients can fill insulin with one hand.
    Easy Patch facilitates puncture and cannula placement.

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    Upon Introduction

    For whom is this device suitable?
    Check here what you should know before introduction.

    Support After Introduction

    Here are frequently asked questions, such as where to attach the pump, precautions to wear it, and what should be paid attention to when taking a bath.

    About Terumo

    To achieve a lifestyle “suitable for each patient”

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